Wednesday, March 30, 2016


We dyed Easter eggs on Saturday.  It must have been a year or two since we've done it, because Paul didn't remember doing it.  They both said it was fun!

We hid some Easter eggs in the yard.  Since the eggs at church have candy in them, we put coins in the eggs at home.  It turned out to be a nice day.  Benny said it felt like a perfect summer day.  (It was 65 and overcast, but it did feel pretty warm!)

I love it when daffodils spring up in the most unusual and random places!

The boys rode their bikes in the church parking lot Easter afternoon, while Dad napped.  This will always be remembered as the Lent when Jonathan got mono!  Thankfully, he was on the mend by Holy Week.

Swimming videos

This was taken of Benny during swimming lessons.

This was at our hotel pool in Ohio, where we were for Jonathan's grandma's funeral.

Collage Concert

The collage concert was a mix of all the school choirs and the band, singing and playing.  Jonathan's parents and brother were able to come to the concert, since it was the day after his grandma's funeral.
Here is Benjamin singing in the 3-6 boys' choir.

Paul and Benjamin sung in the K-4 choir.

Science Fair

A few weeks ago, the boys' school had a science fair.  Benjamin had to do his own science experiment at home.  Paul's class did an experiment at school as a whole class.  Grandma and Grandpa Buescher were able to come for the science fair.

Here is Benjamin doing the experiment.  We made a hovercraft out of a CD, pop-top lid, and a balloon.  He charted which size balloon made the hovercraft go the longest.

At the science fair

The kindergarten studied the life cycle of a butterfly, and had actual caterpillars that changed into butterflies.

Benjamin's birthday

Benjamin's 9th birthday fell on a Saturday.  We invited over two families from church for lunch, and then went roller skating.
I made a Reese's peanut butter cup ice cream cake.

Opening presents later that evening.

Playing on the new keyboard--no more going over to church to practice piano.

Snow fun

We didn't get much snow this winter.  Enough for a few snow days, but never more than six inches in one snowfall.  This was our biggest snowfall.  It looks like a lot because of the drifting in our backyard.  It was big enough to make a small tunnel. 
Benjamin made himself a small snow cave.

100th Day of School

Paul showing off his 100th day project.  He put 100 stickers on this paper.